Sage Master Builder Software for Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors know the importance of estimating jobs, keeping track of parts, assemblies, labor rates, and materials. Sage Master Builder gives you a complete, fully integrated software system that manages all of the complexities of the Electrical contracting business.

Sage Master Builder will help your Electrical Construction Business:

  • Make decisions based on accurate and complete job-cost reports
  • Speed up the estimating and proposal processes
  • Provide easy access to all employees who need company information
  • Quickly and accurately calculate A/R and A/P automatically
  • Quickly and accurately calculate Certified Payroll Reports for public works projects automatically
  • Automatically update AIA progress billings from job costs and change orders
  • Avoid disputes with contractors, clients, and architects because all project documents are being produced and properly tracked
  • Know if suppliers have waived their lien rights
  • Produce a tight audit trail.
  • Save money by using variable rate workers' compensation per employee task
  • Easily calculate prevailing wage and union benefits
  • Avoid having to enter duplicate information into different software programs
  • Take more profitable jobs
Electrical contractors like the ease of using Sage Master Builder. For example, with Sage Master Builder's estimating feature you can enter the number of feet for a conduit run and automatically calculate labor, material, equipment and other costs for that item of work. Imagine the time you'll save and the efficiencies you'll gain using Sage Master Builder.

To find out more about how Sage Master Builder can meet your specific needs, please contact one of our product experts at 800-726-6278.

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