Sage Master Builder at a Glance
Sage Master Builder is a fully integrated construction management solution that helps you gain better control of your construction company. Sage Master Builder will help you win more-profitable bids, finish jobs faster, collect money quicker and grow your company's revenues and profitability.

Sage Master Builder links four key areas of your business-estimating, production/project management, accounting, and analysis/reporting-into one integrated process that Sage Software calls the Profit Cycle.

By using Sage Master Builder to manage your business' Profit Cycle you will be able to better understand and manage the profitability of your jobs throughout the complete project lifecycle. You will then use Sage Master Builder to leverage your experience and knowledge to improve your estimates and project performance in future jobs. The result is more profitable jobs and greater profits for your company.

Whether you are a construction company Owner, Controller, Accountant, Estimator, Project Manager or Service Manager, Sage Master Builder delivers functionality to help you do your job faster and better.

Plus, Sage Master Builder is developed and supported by Sage Software, an established leader in the software industry that your business can count on.

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