Sage Master Builder Software for Heavy Construction

Whether you're building roads, bridges or golf courses, Sage Master Builder can provide your company with a robust software solution that handles multiple tasks with ease. The details of complex projects are tracked and analyzed with the depth and accuracy that generic software solutions cannot match.

Sage Master Builder will help your Heavy Construction Business:

  • Better manage equipment
  • Better allocate equipment costs to jobs
  • Better tracking the progress on all aspects of complex projects
  • Generate and track a multitude of project documents
  • Quickly and accurately calculate Certified Payroll Reports for public works projects
  • Easily calculate prevailing wage and union benefits
  • Make decisions based on accurate and complete job-cost reports
  • Produce a tight accounting audit trail
  • Implement construction-specific payroll capabilities
  • Take more profitable jobs
  • Provide easy access to all employees who need company information
  • Avoid having to enter duplicate information into different software programs
  • Forecast cash requirements
Sage Master Builder offers a fully integrated system that heavy construction companies love. The Equipment Management feature is a favorite among our users in this industry. If you need to allocate your equipment costs to jobs, keep track of repair costs, earned income, or equipment maintenance, this feature can take care of it all.

To find out more about how Sage Master Builder can meet your specific needs, please contact one of our product experts at 800-726-6278.

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